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a wondrous enigma - Meet Eden Hore

Eden Hore has left New Zealand an extraordinary legacy, one that captures the imagination of almost everyone that comes into contact with it.

More than garments, Eden Hore is a compelling story – of the impresario that so loved both the timelessness and majesty of the region, as much as the flamboyance and vibrancy of the fashion he loved.

Eden Hore came from a long line of Central Otago high country farmers. He excelled as a farmer and was a very successful businessman. As well, and somewhat paradoxically to many, he was involved in a range of unexpected and at times ‘exotic’ activities, including collecting more than 200 gowns by high-fashion designers (and a ‘zoo’ of animals, a ‘park’ of thousands of flowering plants and multiple vehicles, among other things).

Being a farmer his initial interest was in wool and leather garments but Eden’s growing involvement in glamorous events created what is considered an important collection at a time when New Zealand traditionally looked towards centres such as Paris and London as fashion leaders.

He travelled extensively making money from his astute farming decisions. Generous spirited in his community, he brought great style and interest and set the scene for other entrepreneurs and new events. His life may well have been observed by his neighbours and family as eccentric. Nevertheless, this farmer and adventurer created a treasured collection of glamour for the world to enjoy.

Eden Hore, a visionary, established a trailblazing collection representing a unique slice of New Zealand couture fashion, which cannot be found anywhere else in the country and possibly the world. A larger than life character, he was another colourful contributor to the Central Otago Fashion story.

Put simply, the Eden Hore, Central Otago project has captured the imagination of the New Zealand creative community.

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